Best BJJ Gear Bags

If you’re a Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast, then you need a heavy-duty bag to keep your accessories. A spacious and durable bag will keep your training gear organized. Below here, we explore the best BJJ gear bags and our top selection. We’ll also dig into tips for a great shopping experience. 

Our reviews of the best bjj gym bags are below along with our top pick. If you don’t want to read all of that, here is the summary of our top choices.

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How to choose the best BJJ gear bags 

Several factors come into play when selecting a durable BJJ gear bag. From the fabric to the extras, these can make your selection complicated.

Most people have trouble telling the difference between a standard gym bag and a BJJ gear bag. Unlike a regular duffel bag, there are special features that make them an ideal choice for storing combat sports gear.

Let’s look into what to keep in mind when making your pick. 

Many pockets 

If you’re looking for a bag that can fit your Jiu-Jitsu gear, then you should consider one with many pockets. These compartments keep your essentials organized and let you locate any item with ease. Some bags have dedicated pockets for delicate items such as phones, keys, and glasses.

Waterproof and sweat proof pocket 

After a BJJ session, your gi and pants will be sweaty and smelly. A waterproof compartment prevents moisture from getting to clean clothes. 


When shopping for a BJJ bag, the brand is a crucial consideration. Some brands have a strong history and track record, with positive reviews from past clients. The most popular brands are Venum, Gold, and Elite sports. 

Quality of materials 

The quality of material plays a role in the durability of your BJJ bag. A sturdy fabric will last long and protect your essentials. The quality of the zippers should be top notch. The most durable bags are made of nylon or polyester and have mesh reinforcements.

Plastic zippers are fragile and prone to breakage. From our review, Hayabusa Ryoko has sturdy zippers made from durable material.

Compact and lightweight design 

A compact bag doesn’t feel heavy but has ample space inside for your essentials. A large bag will conveniently fit all your BJJ gear so you need not use multiple bags.


It may be hard finding a sports gear bag that’s breathable. A good bag should have mesh material to boost aeration. Mesh panels on the outside and interior help with air circulation and allow moisture to dry fast. 


A BJJ gear bag should blend with your style. An elegant bag will give you an air of confidence when going to your BJJ practice. 

The benefits of a BJJ gear bag 

A BJJ bag has a unique design that features mesh material. The advantage is that it’ll help keep away unpleasant odors and promote airflow. It also helps protect other clothes from sweat and dampness. 

A BJJ gear bag has many compartments for storing your essentials in an organized manner. Most of these have a dedicated waterproof section for sweaty clothes. Most have a dedicated pocket for keeping delicate items like phones, keys, and more.

How to take care of your BJJ gear bag 

For your bag to last, it’s essential to take good care of it. Proper care also saves you on repair and replacement costs. 

When washing, use cold water, mild detergent, and don’t use any bleach. It helps in enhancing its durability and prevents shrinkage. You can also add at least 3 cups of vinegar to help protect the colour and stop fading. Hang out in the open away from the sun to prevent fading. 

You may use a washing machine, but it’s advisable to avoid using a dryer as it can ruin logos and unique design elements. 

What are the downsides of a BJJ gear bag? 

BJJ gear bags are sturdy and useful for carrying your training gear. That said,  most of these bags lack security features such as inbuilt locks. Thus a lockable zip can help protect your essentials. 

Another downside is that these are hard to move around with when touring several places. Besides having straps or handles, you can’t carry them for long distances.

It’s hard to keep things organized due to the main pocket that prevents easy shuffling.

Precautions when using the BJJ gear bag 

When packing your essentials in your BJJ gear bag, pack extra clothes and sports shoes. In the pockets, pack some snacks. For water, use the external pockets. Seek a backpack with adjustable straps so that the weight rests on your shoulder and back.

Since there may be other BJJ players with similar bags, use a name tag to avoid misplacing it. Don’t forget to lock the zipper to help protect your valuable possessions. You can put odor balls to keep everything smelling fresh.

Upon reaching home, unpack everything and load dirty clothes in the washing machine.

Five best BJJ Gear bags reviewed and rated for quality

These are the five best gear bags for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Each bag has its own unique set of qualities. We feel that each bag has something to offer for everyone.

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu backpack 

[amazon box =”B074G3WXS3″ description=”The Gold BJJ bag features a sleek and lightweight design for your Jiu-Jitsu training gear. It features durable and high-quality construction. Since the quality is top-notch, there’s a good guarantee that this bag will last long.


The assembly comprises reinforced stitches and high-grade zippers. The nylon material is high quality and will ensure durability to hold up for many training sessions.

The Gold BJJ is a multipurpose bag with many pockets; you can use it to carry your essentials. It’s ideal for carrying extra clothes, no-gi spats, and tape. You can also pack snacks, mouth guards, nail clippers, and more. The small pocket is ideal for storing delicate items such as phones and glasses.

There’s also a wet compartment that helps protect your other items from exposure to sweat. It keeps everything else clean and smelling fresh. The belt compartment and velvet pockets make this bag a great deal. 

Other than storing sweaty training clothes, the main pocket also keeps the gi gear fresh.

Elite Sports Warrior Series BJJ bag 

[amazon box = “B01MZ6S4PM” description=”The Elite Sports is a versatile bag for BJJ, Jiu-Jitsu gear, MMA gear, gym wear, and much more. This model is reasonably priced when compared to others. The material is high quality to last through many training sessions.


This functional bag consists of heavy-duty Cordura fabric, which is known for its strength and durability. The exterior has double-carry straps that make it easy to carry from home to training camp and back. The bag is lightweight and thus won’t strain your back.

The bag has a beautiful design that will blend with your style and make you proud to carry it. The size of the bag is larger than the Gold BJJ bag. There are also many compartments and even shoe storage.

The elite bag has an extra compartment where you can keep your water bottle. There are special pockets for valuable items such as phones, keys, and accessories.

A cool feature is that the removable straps at the base turn the bag to a backpack.

The waterproof mesh pockets ensure there’s ample ventilation. It also helps keep other items dry and keeps off any unpleasant odors.

Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag

[amazon box = “B0178P9K5A” description=”The Venum Trainer Lite sports bag is an excellent pick for those who love carrying a lot of gear for Jiu-Jitsu. You’ll appreciate the fact that it’s roomy to accommodate all essentials for training. There are lots of interior tiny pockets; thus, you won’t have trouble locating things inside.


This bag is the ideal choice for many because of the aerated material. You will love the exterior which consists of nylon material. There are mesh panels for added breathability and airflow.

The venum comes in an elegant black color and features a lightweight design. The shoulder straps have soft padding for extra comfort. Hence you won’t feel the weight of the bag.

You will love the quality of the fabric, which is sturdy. In sum, the Venum is a great combination of durability and price. Note, a few users have felt the zippers are of low quality. 

Hayabusa Ryoko gym duffel bag

[amazon box=”B074PZMCZK” description=”The Hayabusa Ryoko is a classy multi-functional bag for storing your essentials. It’s a large bag that carries everything you need for a physically intensive sport like BJJ. Being a high-end bag, it may be pricier than some but it’s worth every cent spent.


The outside has a high-grade material and mesh panels that increase ventilation. Thus everything inside stays dry. 

The Hayabusa Ryoko is a large bag that will fit items such as gloves, headgear, and shin guards.  The many pockets can accommodate a water bottle and other essentials.

The Hayabusa is an epitome of beauty and sophistication. It’ll add some touch of elegance to your bjj game.

This bag is made of high-grade polyester and metallic zippers. The stitching has reinforcements, which will last for the long haul.

Additionally, it features tight mesh pockets with no tears and rips. One major downside is the size of the pockets which is too small to fit all items necessary for a BJJ or Muay Thai. Yet, for a simple BJJ session, this bag is all you need.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and this allows you to carry for long distances without getting tired.

Grip Power Pads bag

[amazon box=”B01K1DMRF6″ description=”The Grip Power Pads bag isn’t an ordinary backpack bag. It’s a heavy-duty and versatile bag. This is an ideal choice for travel when you need to lug a lot of bjj gear.


This bag combines style and convenience, making it great for combat sports lovers.

You can store your sweaty sports gear or towels inside the wet and dry compartment. It keeps them aerated, and the other items stay fresh.

You’ll be happy with the volume of this bag as there are many pockets at the front, sides, and top. 

The Grip Power Pads bag is flexible to use. It has shoulder straps that allow for conversion to a backpack or a classic gym bag. The handles and straps have dense padding material that guarantees comfort when carrying.

The material consists of heavy-duty polyester; thus, it will resist any tears. The base has a board and has plastic strips for enhanced durability.


In our review, the Gold BJJ bag takes the trophy as the best BJJ gear bag for your Jiu-Jitsu training. Most buyers choose this product because of the quality of the material. The zippers are sturdy, unlike the Venum and Elite sports options, which are more fragile. Also, the sweat compartment features makes it a favorite among many buyers.

Unlike the Hayabusa Ryoko, which is smaller, the Gold BJJ bag has a large spacious compartment. There are many pockets for keeping gear essentials, which sets it apart. Based on these considerations, we recommend the Gold BJJ as a good buy that will give you the best value for money.

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