Best BJJ Instructional DVDs

Looking for reviews of the Best BJJ DVD? You’ve come to the right place. 

It is hard to find the right BJJ DVDs instructional set to learn from these days. The market is flooded with courses covering every concept and position. Long gone are the days of just one or two brazilian jiu jitsu dvds of questionable quality. Now you can find BJJ instructionals designed for beginners or advanced competitors. 

In this list, we review the top instructionals for BJJ that will improve your game and that will stand that test of time so that you can come back to them as your game develops.

Blue Belt Requirements 2.0 by Roy Dean

Roy Dean’s “Blue Belt Requirements” is one of the foundational instructional sets in brazilian jiujitsu. Now updated in this 2.0 version, Roy covers some 77 techniques that every blue belt should know. Roy pays excellent attention to detail and he covers each move from multiple angles. This set is often recommend as one of the most important and extensive jiujitsu instructional dvds ever to be released. See our full review of this DVD here.


  • Extensive scope of techniques
  • Best for White belts and Blue belts

Stephan Kesting – How to Defeat the Bigger, Larger Opponent

[amazon fields=”B00CRQI75A” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”How to Defeat the Bigger, Larger Opponent”]

Stephan Kesting’s “How to Defeat the Bigger, Larger Opponent” series is a classic jiu jitsu instructional set best for beginners and intermediate players. As jiu jitsu prides itself on enabling the smaller guy to beat the big guy, this set shows this principle in action. Stephen Kesting made two volumes in this series: one with Emily Kwok and another with Brandon Mullins, both of which are excellent. 

The series with Emily Wok covers warm-ups, guard positions, escape and submissions designed for the smaller opponent. It also includes a feature on total body stability, an exercise program for joints and muscles. The series with Brandon Mullins covers similar concepts, but take does not overlap with Wok’s set. Brandon focuses more on stand concepts, butterfly guard and side mount positions.


  • Best for smaller BJJ players
  • Great Value for Money
  • Fundamental BJJ principals
  • Gi focused (but will work with No-Gi as well)

Bernardo Faria – Foundations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

“Foundations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” is an excellent instructional DVD for mastering the basics of Jiu Jitsu. Faria covers all the essential concepts required to be a successful BJJ practitioner. He teaches systematically and covers every aspect of the game in great detail. While this DVD is great for beginners, it will be helpful for advanced belts who want to polish up their game if they think there are gaps in some of their basics.

The six DVDs cover almost every aspect of jiu jitsu, including: standing, guard, mount, armbars, sweeps, and escapes.


  • Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of Jiujitsu
  • Best for white belts and fundamentals
  • Gi focused (but OK for no-gi)

Diamond Concept of Defense by Xande Ribeiro

Xande Ribeiro is one of the most decorated jiu jitsu players of all time. In competition, his guard was nearly impossible to pass, and he went decades with no one ever passing his guard. In his “Diamond Concepts of Defense” course, he teaches all his favorite defense concepts or his “diamond concepts” where he uses the shape of diamond to maintain defensive posture. You will not find a better teacher or dvd to learn jiutjisu defense


  • Best DVD for BJJ Defense
  • Suitable for all skill levels

Dave Camarillo – Absolute Arm Annihilation

Dave Camarillo is perhaps the most versatile player and coach in jiujitsu. With a family pedigree in grappling, he and his brother have made waves in the jiujitsu scene for years. They love combining various forms grappling (judo, wrestling) into their jiujitsu.

In his “Absolute Arm Annihilation” set, Dave shows you how to be aggressive with arm bars. This DVD is for you if you have ever felt that your arm locks were not strong enough to finish your opponent. Dave will teach you how to get better at your armbar.  


  • Improve Armbars
  • Best for Intermediate to Advanced Players

Ryan Hall – The Triangle

[amazon fields=”B0038ABWY2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Ryan Hall – The Triangle DVD series”]

Ryan Hall is known for his conceptual based approach to teaching BJJ. His instructional series are some of the most famous and really kicked off the concepts approach to learning brazilian jiujitsu.

The triangle series is one of his best instructional sets. He breaks down the mechanics and concepts of the triangle choke in painful detail. Nothing is missed. Ryan Hall likes to go against the way things are commonly taught in BJJ. So if you are looking for a unique voice than your instructors, this dvd, or any of his others, may be right for you.


  • Best DVD to Learn the Triangle Choke
  • Focus on BJJ Concepts

The Science of Guard Passing by Lucas Lepri

In “Science of Guard Passing,” Lucas Lepri covers his guard passing system. He reviews knee cuts to complex moves like lapel passes. In each sequence he reviews different scenarios that you might encounter. Lucas shares his secrets so that you can pass any guard (well, maybe not Xande Rebeiro’s…).


  • Learn from the all time best guard passer
  • Suitable for all skill levels (beginner to advanced)

Fluid BJJ by Karel Pravec

Karel “Silver Fox” Pravec may not be as well known as other jiujitsu players in the U.S., but he should be. Karel was one of Renzo Gracie’s first students. He has been studying BJJ for over 3 decades.

In his “Fluid BJJ” set, Karel goes over how a “middle aged” guy (or gal) should approach jiu jitsu submissions. This is a very interesting set because he does not focus on flashy techniques or mind blowing moves. Instead, Karel takes an approach of laying out principles that will allow any grappler to keep getting armbars and omoplatas as they get older. A skill everyone should learn. 


  • Best for Submissions
  • Techniques for Older Grapplers

The Complete North South Choke by Marcelo Garcia

Marcelo Garcia’s Complete North South Choke set is a game changer for the North/South position. In this full featured BJJ DVD series, the multi-time world champion, covers everything from alignments, positioning, strategy, and execution to allow you to dominate this lethal choke. Marcelo does not hold back on the mat or in this course.


  • Best for intermediate players and above
  • Everything you need to know about the North South Choke

How to Learn from a BJJ DVD instructional?

Yes, it is possible to learn Jiu Jitsu from a dvd. However, learning from a DVD set is not the same thing as learning in a live class. First, learning BJJ at home can be much easier when you have a proper grappling mat and a training partner. Without these two, your training will be much more difficult.

In terms of how to practice, we recommend that you focus on just a few moves at a time like you would in an actual class. Do not watch the entire program in one sitting. Instead, go through a few series and digest each segment with a practice partner. 

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