Best BJJ Shorts

We sought out to review and rank the best BJJ shorts. Since there are so many options out there, we had to narrow it down to only five that are ideal for aggressive and demanding no-gi jiu-jitsu. Our grappling shorts recommendations are based on real performance on the mat, durability, comfort and price ranges.

Top 3 Grappling Shorts

Don’t have time to read all our reviews? We broke it down to these top choices. The overall winner for best shorts was a close one however, the FUJI BJJ shorts took the crown. That said, you should still check out all of these 5 shorts considering their value, price, pros, and cons.

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Performance for Training and Tournament Use

There are definite qualities that a pair of BJJ shorts must have to be effective on the mat. First, they must conform to no-gi bjj tournament rules. This means that they can’t have pockets, otherwise you could injure your opponent. 

Another feature that blends comfort and capability is a snug and flexible belt. A drawstring, or rubber/silicone waistband keep your grappling shorts on your hips and in place. Any potential for riding up or dislodging will hinder your mobility. That’s only the mental and physical fixation of adjusting your shorts in critical moments. You also don’t want to risk the embarrassment of having them slide off or tear.

We also value a pair of BJJ shorts that protects your skin and keeps you dry. Some materials are designed to prevent moisture. This is a critical component in hygiene and safety, as it can greatly reduce the risk of infections.

The next performance aspect is the length of your shorts. Obviously, if they’re too short then you aren’t getting a basic level of protection, unless you’re combining them with a rash guard. In that case, you want an effective match of equipment. If your BJJ shorts are too long, that’ll also limit your reach and mobility in competitive grappling.

We could also add points if the shorts are specific to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In this case, they might have slits or panels on either side to extend your flexible range. Overall, they should conform to your body and fit naturally. This includes getting not only the right size option, but a pair of shorts that matches your gender.

Durability and Maintenance Requirements

The best BJJ shorts will be light, but not thin. It’s great to get the exact look you want, with the right fit and price range. However, one small tear can be enough to warrant tossing them in the trash and starting again with a new pair. In the same sense, quality fabric and stitching will save you money in the long run.

One important feature to look for in BJJ shorts is how they respond to stretching. When you’re on the ground and maneuvering your way through holds, you want that flexibility. A quality material will have some give, but you don’t want them to over stretch or tear.

Aside from the material itself, we’re also looking at the stitching. Loose threads can lead to major damage and are definitely not a sign of quality. Since you’re using them for grappling, we’re also looking for seams that will hold up under pressure.

Some BJJ shorts can double perfectly well as swimming or surfing trunks. This will depend on how waterproof they are, and the protection the graphics and colors have from UV exposure. We also considered how well they hold together after being washed.

Appearance for Style and IBJJF Approval

The best BJJ shorts will be in compliance with tournament rules, and possibly have some killer graphics. While some options are fairly standard, not containing much color, they should match your personality and have a quality appearance.

There are certain standards on the colors contained on your BJJ shorts. IBJJF requires that shorts be black, white, a combination of white and black, or the belt color of your rank. Limitations on belt color availability and graphic options aren’t ideal.

Blending the qualities of durability and appearance together, you don’t want your graphics to wear away with use. There are different graphic and color embedding processes that will add points to the ranking in this list.

Flowhold MMA Shorts

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These shorts are not specifically designed for Jiu-Jitsu, but they are IBJJF approved. They’re also designed for a multitude of activities, including no-gi BJJ, MMA, weight lifting and surfing. Technically, they’ll work for tournament use.

A drawstring is used for the waist, as well as a double-Velcro system. On the downside, there are only two size options, so you’re not likely to get your absolute perfect fit. They come in medium and extra-large.

While they have slits cut in the sides, they aren’t quite as long as BJJ-specific shorts. They won’t limit your mobility, but this does reduce some of the skin protection when grappling on the mat.

What these BJJ shorts lack in fit, they make up for in durability and comfort. They’re made of real polyester material with four-way stretching capability. However, there’s only one plain style option in black with a white logo, so no belt colors are available.


  • IBJJF approved.
  • Authentic polyester.
  • Durable four-way stretching.
  • Moisture wicking.
  • Double-Velcro waist with drawstring.
  • Slits on each side.
  • Medium price range.


  • Only two size options.
  • Only one color/style option, no belt colors.
  • Short length.
  • Not BJJ specific.

OPTIMAL HUMAN BJJ Jiu Jitsu Drawstring Shorts

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Probably the most convincing feature of these BJJ shorts is the size selection. While there are only two color options, including white and black, you’re almost guaranteed to get the perfect fit.

These are fully IBJJF approved. They have no zippers or outside pockets, although there is one interior pocket. This is a nice convenience feature, but doesn’t really boost it up in terms of use for actual grappling.

Just by looking at them you can tell they’re made specifically for MMA. There isn’t an awkward crotch design and the material is thick enough to provide protection. This also means they’ll match a set of rash guards with a comfortable and flexible fit.

They provide the four-way stretching like most options do, and are moisture wicking. There are two material panels for the thighs, offering ultimate mobility. The seams and stitching are durable, without the potential of loose threads and easy tears.


  • Seven size options.
  • IBJJF approved.
  • Specifically designed for MMA.
  • Inner and outer panels with four-way stretching capability.
  • Moisture wicking.
  • Durable stitching.


  • Only two color options, black and gray.
  • Higher priced.
  • Drawstring but no Velcro.

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts – IBJJF Approved No Gi Fight Short

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[amazon fields=”B07XTS292L” value=”button”]

We knew right away that these could be the best BJJ shorts, just based on the value. They’re in the medium to low price range while meeting all of our performance requirements.

It offers five size options, from small to XX-large. When you consider that these are the sizes that most adults fit within, they rank pretty high for getting the right fit. They’re also a company that offers matching BJJ rash guards, which adds even further to comfortability and performance.

They are IBJJF approved, with no pockets whatsoever. One downside is that they don’t feature a Velcro waistband. There is an interior drawstring, so they won’t ride up on slip off on you. However, a lot of grapplers prefer Velcro due to comfort, just like you don’t want seams rubbing up against you.

These BJJ shorts are moisture wicking and breathable, like you’d come to expect in quality material. What’s more is that they’re especially flexible in terms of stretching, without sacrificing durability.


  • IBJJF approved.
  • Designed for MMA.
  • Five size options.
  • Breathable and moisture wicking material.
  • Mid to low priced.
  • US based with quality guarantee.


  • Only one color option, black.
  • Interior drawstring but no Velcro waistband.

Fuji Baseline Grappling Shorts

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These BJJ shorts offer the ultimate fit. Fuji is another company that are expert MMA gear crafters, and also offer BJJ rash guards. If you go with a complete package, you’re sure to get a comfortable and flexible fit. This is complemented by the seven different size options, from extra small to XXX-large, which is ideal.

The value for these shorts is amazing. They’re in the medium price range, so they’re definitely not cheap. However, they cover every quality that we’re looking for and deliver real quality. They even feature a Velcro and drawstring waistband for your preference.

The base material is authentic and provides four-way stretching. It’s a bit lighter than you’d expect, but they’re durable and made for real grappling on the mat. They also feature additional panels to offer 360-degree mobility, and a saddle gusset on the crotch as well.

As you know, shorts don’t typically provide much in the way of color or style options. With that, the Fuji logo is sublimated into the material, so you don’t have to worry about it fading or rubbing away.


  • Mid priced.
  • Seven size options.
  • Velcro and drawstring waistband.
  • 360 degree stretch panels.
  • Four-way stretch fabric.
  • IBJJF approved.
  • Sublimated graphics.


  • Only one color option, black.

Sanabul Essential MMA BJJ Cross Training Workout Shorts

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These BJJ shorts have a lot of size options, including one for women. However, some people have found them too long. As they must be above the knee, you might have to experiment with one size smaller. On the positive side, they feature a Velcro waistband with a hook and loop system for a custom fit.

The material is four-way stretchable and features durable flatlock stitching. There aren’t any additional panels for 360-degree flexibility, but they’re durable and anti-microbial.

Being IBJJF approved, they also come with eight different color options. These include belt colors for your rank, and you can choose black, white or gray as well.

The amount of value you get is unbelievable. They’re extremely low priced for a brand that is worn by professional MMA fighters. On the other hand, you might not get the exact right fit when wearing a rash guard.


  • Five men’s sizes and one women’s size.
  • Eight color options, including belt colors.
  • Low priced.
  • Anti-microbial.
  • Quality stitching.
  • Hook and loop waistband with Velcro.
  • Flexible and durable material.
  • IBJJF approved.


  • Not specially designed for BJJ.
  • Too long for some people.


Reaching a decision on the best BJJ shorts is no easy task, but the Fuji Baseline grappling shorts come out on top. They have as many or more size options as any, and fit the medium budget range.

It’s not just the overall durability and fit for the price that makes them the clear winner. Like the OPTIMAL HUMAN BJJ shorts, they have additional panels. What makes them stand out is the 360-degree stretching material, with the addition of a saddle gusset.

While they don’t offer belt colors, they’re fully IBJJF approved. The logo graphics are sublimated into the material, giving them a long life in terms of appearance.

Unlike the Sanabul Essentials shorts, they’re made for BJJ and grappling. It’s one thing to be capable of using for cross training and a plethora of mixed martial arts. It’s another to have a guaranteed flawless fit with branded rash guards that deliver the same value.


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