Best Judo Instructional DVDs

Learning Judo is difficult. With the proper Judo DVD, you can make studying the “gentle way” a lot easier.

The throws and concepts of Judo can be very technical to learn as a beginner, let alone master. With the correct teacher, however, you can become a judo pro. Judo DVDs used to be difficult to find, but not anymore.

In this list, we review all the top judo instructionals for beginners to more advanced students. Whether you are a whitebelt or you need to train for competition, there is a judo course for you!

Grip Like a World Champion 2.0 by Jimmy Pedro

Jimmy Pedro’s “Grip Like A World Champion” offers world class grip fighting lessons from America’s greatest Judo coach. The former Olympic medalist teaches you his world renowned grip system for winning Judo matches. This system teaches you the strategies of how to be aggressive in a match. 

Have you gotten a grip on gi and then simply not known what to do? This DVD will solve this problem. You will study how to grip with a purpose instead of just flailing about. Jimmy Pedro teaches the key principle of his system: capture the sleeve and free your lapel. The series covers attacks, defense, counters, grip breaks, regrips, cross grips, posting, and more.


  • Best DVD for grip fighting strategy
  • Learn grip breaks and regrips
  • Intended for intermediate and advanced players
  • Useful for judo and BJJ players

Judo Throw Encyclopedia by Matt D’Aquino

Matt D’Aquino is a 4th degree black belt and former olympian. In this series he covers all the fundamental judo throws and their principles. This is a brilliant series for someone who desires to learn the basic judo throws. Matt covers the fundamental principles behind each throw so that you can understand how they work. He covers the mechanics and theory of all the original Kodokan throws, often referred to as the “Gokyu.”

This DVD series is an excellent resource for beginner judoka or other martial arts who want to have a go-to reference for each throw. You will not be disappointed. 


  • Covers all 40 basic judo throws
  • Fundamentals and Basics
  • Great for Beginners
  • Great Value for Money

Creating Kuzushi by Israel Hernandez

It is critical to understand the kuzushi (off balancing) principle of judo to be successful. This DVD series covers all the crucial components required to move your opponent on the mat. Once your opponent is off balance you control the match and the throw.

Israel Hernandez is a world renowned competitor and former Olympic silver medalist for the cuban team. Israel shows you his kuzushi system for several throws, but pays a particular focus on gripping sequences for uchi mata and seio-nages. He also teaches his unique pinning system that he calls “the palanca.” 


  • Great for learning kuzushi
  • Uchi mata and seoinege setups

Ne-Waza Mastery by Travis Stevens

Travis Stevens is one of the greatest american U.S player ever. Travis covers all the principles and techniques you need to learn to become great at newaza. The ground game is underappreciated in judo, but it is extremely important if you desire to succeed in competition. 

Travis covers juji gatame, sankaku (triangle choke), wrist control, pins and holds, collar chokes, rolls, offense from the bottom, and much more. As you can tell, the depth of analysis is extensive in this 8 volume set. 

Travis is perhaps the best judo teacher in the game right now. A decorated judo and BJJ black belts, Travis knows the ins-and outs of ground fighting at the highest levels. If you want to get better at newaza, then you must check out this instructional. 


  • Best DVD for Judo Newaza
  • Great for all levels

Uchimata by Yarden Gerbi

Uchi Mata is one of Judo’s most beautiful and technically complicated throws. It is also a lethal competition technique requiring dedication to perfect. In this two-part series, Olympic medalist Yarden Gerbi reviews her Uchi Mata. Her coverage of the technique includes Right-vs-right and right-vs-left gripping sequences. She also includes how to handle aggressive opponents, transitions, and extreme stances.


  • Best DVD for UchiMata
  • All skill levels

Fundamental Judo Mastery by Yarden Gerbi

In this course, Yarden Gerbi covers essential judo concepts in different applications.  This is not necessarily a pure basics instructional, instead it answers questions that you may have always had about a particular circumstance or problem, but never knew how to articulate. 

For instance, Yarden gives you tips on kumikata (grip fighting) that form the principles of how she gets a grip every time. Likewise, teaches you how she has been successful with ippon seoi nage, uchi mata, and otherwise. Her overview of judo throw combinations is also very good in this set. As a bonus, she also teaches her famous “Gerbi choke”! 


  • Good for competition
  • Fundamentals
  • Combinations

Old School Judo by Gary St. Leger

Ever wanted to study judo under the “old rules”?  You can in this instructional from Gary St. Peter. Modern judo under the IJF has removed leg grabs and other techniques from competition, but that doesn’t mean you should not learn them. Gary instructs you how to do all the well-known leg techniques and others that you do not see anymore in Judo.

In this set, you will learn pickups, leg grabs, combos, defensive counters, and fakes. These techniques are excellent to make you a well-rounded grappler. This is the Judo that your instructor grew up on, but won’t teach you. 


  • Old School Judo
  • Great for grapplers who want to learn Judo

The Judo Academy by Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens

The Judo Academy was one of the first sets put out by both Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens. It is intended as an all-encompassing overview of Judo (covering tachi waza and ne-waza). The series also looks at grip fighting, although it is not as encompassing as Jimmy’s Grip like A Champion set. This is a perfect set if you are looking for a great introduction to judo fundamentals. 

In fairness, Travis and Jimmy have gotten a little better in their teaching approach in other later dated sets, but that does not take away from this instructional’s overall value. It is the right fit for anyone who wants to “dip their toe” into learning Judo (especially jiu jitsu players). 


  • Best for anyone wanting to crosstrain Judo
  • Great review of judo fundamentals

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