Best MMA Instructional DVDs

What are the best DVDs to learn MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts is technically a combination of many martial arts into one. Over the years, it has developed its own identity to stand as an art on its own. Yet, there have been very few ways to learn the sport, until now. In the past, MMA training videos were rare, and you had to cross train in separate styles to get a good start.

Fortunately, MMA instructional lessons have improved substantially in recent years. This list will review the top DVD lessons that will offer you a great foundation for MMA.

Whether you crave to be the next Bas Rutten or George St. Pierre, you should master the fundamentals first. Who knows, after watching these training sets, maybe you will become a UFC champion!

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Fundamentals of Power Punching by Cain Velasquez

Punches are perhaps the most fundamental aspect of MMA. Even if you are not a “striker” you need to know how to throw a punch. In particular, it’s better if you can punch hard. MMA legend Cain Velasquez shows you how to create a powerful punching system.

In this DVD you will learn the fundamentals of power strikes, such as how to hit and walk at the same time, an essential MMA skill. Cain teaches you how to connect with force by using proper technique. Everything from jabs, strike mechanics, and basic strategy are covered. This is a great instructional for MMA beginners or martial artists wanting to learn about mixed martial arts.

  • Good for basic skills
  • Learn how to punch in MMA

The Comprehensive Strikers Guide by Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva made a name for himself with his lethal striking ability. In this DVD he examines all the secrets that made him a champion. Striking and clinching in MMA are the focus of his lessons in this set.

In the clinch series, Silva starts with the basics and moves on to more advanced concepts, like the over/under clinch. Silvia also reviews head control for MMA and then moves onto showing you the basics of striking. This set has everything a beginner needs.

Silvia also shares his practical wisdom about fighting. He covers his views on martial arts vs fighting. These are important lessons for any student.

  • Good choice for novices
  • Comprehensive review of striking basics

Fundamentals of Functional Striking by Stephen Whittier

Do you desire to become a better striker? Then this is the master class for you. Stephen Whittier shares decades of experience to give you a complete offense and defense striking game plan. Stephen will teach you how to combine stance, footwork, hand placement and movement into a functional fighting force.

What sets this series apart is how methodical Stephen’s explanations are. He wants to make sure you understand all the important aspects of each technique. He covers both theory and application. He does not skip over anything. If you like detail, this is your set. 

  • Thorough and in depth striking lessons
  • Great value for Money
  • Superb instructor detail

Wrestling Fundamentals From The Bad Guy by Chael Sonnen

Wrestling is a great base for MMA and is perhaps the strongest represented grappling styles in MMA. Wrestling champion and MMA legend, Chael Sonnen instructs you how to do fundamental wrestling. The set will be very useful if you need to learn the basic wrestling techniques for a MMA context.

Chael covers all the problem positions that wrestlers have when transitioning to MMA. He also reviews technical drills and warm-ups so you can develop the core movements needed to succeed. Repetition leads to  winning. From underhooks to tie-ups, studying the fundamentals of wrestling is key to MMA success.

  • Learn Wrestling for MMA champion
  • Good for wrestlers training MMA
  • Strong wrestling fundamentals for novices

The Fundamentals of Boxing by Teddy Atlas

Everyone knows that boxing is a key to becoming a good cage fighter.Here, Teddy Atlas will show you every aspect you need to know to become a boxer and, by extension, a competent striker for MMA. Teddy is a legendary coach in the boxing world and has trained several world champions.

This set is for someone who knows nothing about the ‘sweet science.’ If you don’t know how to tie your gloves or what the basic concepts are, then this is the instructional for you. What is nice about this instructional is that he shows you how to practice boxing alone, such as hitting the bag properly or shadow boxing. If your goal is to learn basic boxing skills and concepts, you cannot go wrong with this DVD set.

  • Basic Boxing Skills
  • Learn Boxing from Mike Tyson’s Coach

Combinations and Clinch Work by Saenchai

To be a competent fighter, you need to learn what to do when you are tied up with your opponent in the clinch. Likewise, combinations are crucial to have in your arsenal.

In this unique DVD, Saenchai teaches you all the close-quarters techniques that will make you dangerous in the cage. While this set emphasizes Muy Thai style fighting, with close attention paid to combos with kicks, it is equally good for someone studying MMA.

  • Learn MMA Combos
  • Muy Thai for MMA

Working The Cage And Walls In MMA by Benson Henderson

Strategy is fundamental if you want to become a MMA champion. Ground and pound does not always work. You have to know how to use the cage and wall to your advantage. Benson Henderson will teach you how to develop your battle plan and respond to any situation. If you need to brush up on your cage wrestling skills, you will find no better teacher or instructional!

In this set, Brian goes over the theory behind the techniques so you can think while in the cage. In particular, he reviews how to use the double leg techniques to your advantage. He covers how classic wrestling moves like body locks, sweeps, single legs are used to take control of the cage.

  • Become a better overall fighter
  • Fight strategy

Attacks, Counters and Feints for MMA by Randy Steinke

Counters and feints are often overlooked in cage fighting. In this series, Randy Steinke gives you a comprehensive blueprint for learning feints and counters. 

You will learn how to parry, jab and counter like a pro in this 4 part series. Randy’s “footwork series” is truly phenomenal. It will give you the confidence to move in the cage and set your opponent up for a knockout. Learn to fake out your opponent. They will not know what hit them.

  • Get into your opponents head
  • Confuse and dominate in the ring

Can you train MMA without actually fighting?

Yes. It’s feasible to study MMA without having to fight someone. Keep in mind however, that in this scenario MMA is more like a workout or exercise activity than a functional martial art. You will not be able to develop a strong fighting ability against a real opponent. In this way, it’s more akin to performing katas like in traditional martial arts.

How to train MMA at home

It is possible to learn MMA by yourself at home. However, if you have a punching bag and an open gym set up you can still grasp the fundamental aspects of the sport. You will simply have to acknowledge that what you are learning will not reflect a true mma fighting experience.

If possible, you should preferably have a training partner when you train at your house or garage gym. Training alone is best for supplementing your skills. It should not be the only aspect of how you learn. Instructional DVDs can help provide instruction, as can books, but you need feedback from a partner or coach if you truly want to fight someone.

What experience do you need to start MMA?

No experience is needed to train MMA. Back in the day, fighters came to the sport with a base style, but this is not usually the case these days. Grapplers, wrestlers or judokas often make the transition to MMA. The same goes for muy thai fighters or boxers.

All of these sports will give you some fundamentals that are useful in MMA, but they must be re-learned for the cage context. A judo player must learn to fight without a gi and a boxer without his gloves. 

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