BJJ Gift Ideas

Looking for a great BJJ gift for the enthusiast who has everything?  

These BJJ gifts will work great for Christmas, birthdays or any occasion.

Whether the gift is for a girlfriend, boyfriend or instructor, we got you covered. 

BJJ Gift: Artwork

Artwork makes for a great BJJ gift. Make your home, office or gym stand apart with unique BJJ art and graphics.  Having a framed image of someone being choked on your wall will be a great way to impress guests (or ward of home intruders!)

Etsy is a probably the place to find artists creating grappling related art. 

One stand out artist on Etsy is Theo Howard (@art_theo). He creates create truly inspiring art and illustrations focused on BJJ. 

Check out this video of him working live!

Here are some samples of his work. 

You can find his work on his Etsy store LocoJitsu. You can also contact him directly by email at theosaurus [AT] gmail [dot] com for commissioned work.

BJJ Gift: Journals

Journaling is all the rage these days. As a gift, a journal says that you care. More to the point, a bjj planner is a great way to get better at jiujitsu. Each notebook is designed a little bit differently, but the general idea is that you log your sessions and write about your training goals and experiences.

There are several types of notebooks made specifically for the BJJ market these days.  These three are our favorites…

Be sure to check out our in-depth review of the Jiu-jitsu Planner, our top pick.

BJJ Gift: Posters

Keep your motivation up with an inspirational message or show your love for the sport with a BJJ poster. These posters will look great in your gym, office or bedroom. Who doesn’t like a poster? These will be guaranteed great gifts. 

Here a few that we liked. 

BJJ Gift: Mugs

Everyone needs another coffee mug. Especially when that coffee mug is a smug, tongue-in-cheek BJJ cup. Check out some of our favorites…

BJJ Gift: Shirts

BJJ Shirts are an awesome way to convey how cool you are when not wearing a gi or rash guard on the mat. Since everyone loves having another t-shirt, these will make an easy gift for anyone!

The requirements for an awesome BJJ t-shirt are as follows:

  1. Cool or funny phrase (preferably that only an insider will get); and/or;
  2. Awesome logo 

We like the following funny BJJ shirts.

The following bjj shirts were also cool:

BJJ Gift: Belt Racks 

BJJ display racks are the ultimate gift for someone well into their BJJ journey or the perfect motivator for someone just starting.  Show off you rank in style with a BJJ belt rack.

They come in all shapes and sizes.  Unfortunately, a six belt rack is most common (and not exactly ideal for BJJ since most folks are not exactly getting their coral belt).

We suggest that you just skip the bottom rack and put the white belt on the second lowest level. 

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