Beginner’s Guide: IBJJF Weight Classes

Weight classes are designed to keep BJJ competitions fair. Under the IBJJF rule set, the weight classes vary by age, sex and competition type (gi vs no-gi). Understanding the basics of weight classes is essential for your training and ultimate success when competing.  IBJJF Juvenile Male Gi Weight Class Weight Division Max Weight Lbs Max … Read more

Types of BJJ Gis

BJJ gis come in all shapes and sizes.  How do you know which is best for you? In this article we discuss the different types of BJJ gis that are available in the market today. Beginner BJJ Gis BJJ gis for beginners are typically constructed from a single weave or ripstop material. Generally, they will … Read more

BJJ Camps: Travel and Train

Love to travel? All you want to do is train BJJ? Then you should consider a BJJ training camp for your next vacation or getaway. Training jiu jitsu internationally has never been simpler. Destination travel camps have propped up all over the globe. It is now easier than ever to go train in any country of your … Read more

Essential BJJ Gear Guide

What gear do I need for BJJ? When you start jiu jitsu, it’s difficult to know which gear and equipment you need to train.  We got you covered.  Let’s breakdown everything you need to buy when starting BJJ as a beginner. Gear for Jiu Jitsu in the Gi Training in the gi requires a few … Read more

BJJ Belt System: Everything you Need to Know

Belts are an important part of Brazilian jiu jitsu culture. They demonstrate one’s ability, competence and time on the mat.  In this article, we explore the history and significance of BJJ belts and the criteria for achieving the next belt rank. History of the BJJ Belt System The martial art belt ranking system has its … Read more

Don’t Quit: Beating the BJJ Blue Belt Blues

Achieving a blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu is an important milestone. At the belt promotion ceremony, there are often tears and high fives among classmates who reach the achievement together.   Yet, a few weeks later, you may be surprised to look around the gym and wonder where all the newly minted blue belts have … Read more

What are the Easiest (and most effective) Judo Throws to Learn for BJJ?

Throws are an area of BJJ (and MMA) that most players neglect until tournament time. Because some BJJ players focus so strongly on the ground game they neglect takedowns from standing.  In this article we identify how to learn Judo takedowns and provide an overview of the basics of the best throwing techniques to learn … Read more

Washing and Caring for your BJJ GI

What is the best way to clean your BJJ GI? In this guide we explain everything you need to know about washing and maintaining your bjj gi.  You know how to armbar someone, but do you know how to take care of your gi? Like other athletic gear and equipment, you want to maintain your … Read more

Ultimate Guide to BJJ Rash Guards

What is a BJJ rash guard? The BJJ rash guard is a practical and diverse athletic garment worn by BJJ athletes all over the world. For people just starting out in BJJ (or considering a switch from the Gi), it can be a bit confusing knowing what to look for. Whether you’re a newbie or … Read more

Selecting Your First BJJ Gi

Looking for a guide to purchasing your first BJJ Gi? You’ve come to the right place. Selecting your first gi is one of the few times in Brazilian jiujitsu were you will be bringing a physical product to your game. Jiujitsu does not utilize much in terms of equipment, unlike other sports like hockey or … Read more