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A bjj blue belt

BJJ Belt System: Everything you Need to Know

Belts are an important part of Brazilian jiu jitsu culture. They demonstrate one’s ability, competence and time on the mat.  In this article, we explore the history and significance of BJJ belts and the criteria for achieving the next belt rank. History of the BJJ Belt System The martial art belt ranking system has its […]

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Don’t Quit: Beating the BJJ Blue Belt Blues

Achieving a blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu is an important milestone. At the belt promotion ceremony, there are often tears and high fives among classmates who reach the achievement together.   Yet, a few weeks later, you may be surprised to look around the gym and wonder where all the newly minted blue belts have […]

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Judo Throws and Takedowns are great for BJJ

What are the Easiest (and most effective) Judo Throws to Learn for BJJ?

Throws are an area of BJJ (and MMA) that most players neglect until tournament time. Because some BJJ players focus so strongly on the ground game they neglect takedowns from standing.  In this article we identify how to learn Judo takedowns and provide an overview of the basics of the best throwing techniques to learn […]

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Washing and Caring for your BJJ GI

What is the best way to clean your BJJ GI? In this guide we explain everything you need to know about washing and maintaining your bjj gi.  Quick Navigation After-Class BJJ Gi Washing ProceduresHow to Remove Blood from a BJJ GiBest Detergent/Chemicals to use to Wash your BJJ GiHow to Wash Dark Colored GisHow to […]

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Fighters training in BJJ rash guard shirts

Ultimate Guide to BJJ Rash Guards

Quick Navigation The History and Origin of the BJJ Rash GuardFunctionCompositionTypes & Designs Is a Rash Guard Necessary for No-Gi Training?BenefitsHow do I Find the Right Rash Guard for BJJ?Alternatives to a BJJ Rash GuardHow to Wash and Care for your Rash Guard.IBJJF No-Gi Uniform RegulationsWomen’s Rash Guards What is a BJJ rash guard? The BJJ […]

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Selecting Your First BJJ Gi

Looking for a guide to purchasing your first BJJ Gi? You’ve come to right place. Selecting your first gi is one of the few times in Brazilian jiujitsu were you will be bringing a physical product to your game. Jiujitsu does not utilize much in terms of equipment, unlike other sports like hockey or (American) […]

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