Find the Best Mouthguards for BJJ

Safety is essential in any form of Martial Arts. Whether it is MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The most vital part of your body that you need to protect is your face. From chipped teeth to broken jaws and head traumas, a small mouthguard will help you avoid all these problems and reduce your risks of getting a concussion or a trip to the dentist.

The Importance of a Mouthguard in BJJ

In a sparring or tournament setting or even when drilling techniques – in class accidents do happen from time to time. It is better to be safe than sorry because you never know when an accidental head butt might knock your pearly whites, or an up kick may refigure the structure of your face. So, in order to avoid serious head injuries and dental problems we recommend you get a mouthguard for your protection.

How to choose a BJJ Mouthguard?

Now that you’re convinced on how important a mouthguard is, let’s help you choose. It is important to choose a mouthguard that fits in your mouth and sits there properly, with maximum airflow that allows breathing, perfect fitting, and proper protection. Generally, a thinner mouthguard is better for comfort in a sport like BJJ.  You need to find a mouthguard that fits your budget as well as does the job. This drops down to two options, either you buy a custom fit mouthguard or a Boil and Bite mouthguard.

Custom or Boil Mouthguard?

Boil and Bite

A boil and bite mouthguard is heated in water until it goes soft then sits along the dental line of your mouth so it takes its shape according to the structure of your teeth. But the problem with a boil and bite mouthguard is your skill in making it. I personally have wasted a lot of mouthguards just because I would boil it too much or let it cool too late. It is advised that you seek help from someone experienced to assist you with the proper shaping of your mouthguard.

Custom Fitted

Custom-fitted mouthguards are designed specifically to fit your mouth. A dentist takes an impression of your teeth and designs the mouthguard accordingly. Some companies send out kits upon ordering, which are used to send the company your dental impressions and get a custom mouthguard in a few weeks.

Custom-fitted mouthguards are costly, but they do fit way better than your average boil and bite mouthguard. The custom fit mouthguard allows more airflow and protection, hence making it easier for you to communicate and breathe during strenuous rolls at the gym.

How to Mold, Clean and Take Care of Your Mouthguard

Molding Your Mouthguard

1.      Boil some water in a pot and let it cool for 30 seconds.

2.      Place the mouthguard in the water for exactly 90 seconds.

3.      Remove the mouthguard from the water and let it cool for 10 seconds.

4.      Carefully align the mouthguard along with your upper teeth and tighten it with strong suction. Use your fingers to adjust the mouthguard along with your teeth and continue to do so for 20 seconds.

5.      Remove the mouthguard and let it cool for 30 seconds.

6.      If the mouthguard does not sit well, you can repeat the procedure.

Cleaning  Your Mouthguard

1.      Always rinse your mouthguard with cold water after wear.

2.      A clean toothbrush or a q-tip will help you clean the mouthguard. Do not scrub too hard. 

3.      Make sure you dry out your mouthguard to avoid the formation of bacteria.

Additional Mouth Guard Care

A few things you should keep in mind in order to increase the lifespan of your mouthguard.

1.      Protect your mouthguard from heat and overexposure to sunlight.

2.      Place your mouthguard in its case whenever you are done using it.

3.      Don’t chew on your mouthguard as it will cause tears and rip its surface.

4.      Replace your mouthguard as soon as it wears down. You don’t want to use an infectious old mouthguard.

BJJ MouthGuard Reviews

1.      Sisu 1.6 Aero Guard

The SISU 1.6 Aero Guard is one of the best mouthguards in the market. It is only 1.6 mm thin and has perforations all across its surface that oscillate an impact and spread the force across its surface. The Aero Guard is also 50 percent thinner than a conventional guard and the perforations not only make it stronger but also allow athletes to talk, breathe and drink with ease making it the perfect fit for sports where communication and hydration are key. On top of that, it will last as long as any other top-level mouthguard.

2.      Impact Custom Professional Mouth Guard

The Impact Custom Mouthguard is a custom mouthguard for a variety of sports. On order, the company will send you a molding kit, which will be used to take your impression. After you take your mold, you send it back and within a week or so you have a custom mouthguard. Impact lets you decide the thickness of your mouthguard, varying from 5mm to 7mm. This is a single boil and bite mouthguard which is created from BPA free plastic. Not only it is a perfect fit, but lets you drink, breathe and talk with ease.

3.      Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard

The Shock Doctor Gel Max is a medium profile and easy fitting product with double layering. The Gel Max can be warmed and softened, which will mold to form and fill your teeth resulting in a tight comfortable fit. The semi-rigid exoskeletal shock frame has integrated jaw pads that provide maximum impact protection and minimizes impact transfer. The integrated breathing channels allow you to breathe and drink easily, on the other hand, talking can be a bit of a challenge. The gel fit system makes sure you do not have to bite down on your mouthguard, instead it grips on your teeth easily.

4.      Venum “Challenger” Mouthguard

The Venum Challenger is hands down one of the best mouthguards in 2019. With its compact design and comfortable gel frame, it can fit your jaw perfectly and provide easy breathing with unrestricted airflow. The outer frame is made with a high-density rubber that helps spread out and absorb the shock waves of impact from immediately entering your teeth and jaw

The soft and comfortable frame makes the Venum Challenger one of the most reliable options out there. The double layer protection and exclusive breathing channels will allow you to maintain optimal levels of performance.

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