Review of the Jiu-jitsu Planner

Planners are an excellent way to track your progress towards goals for any number of endeavors, and jiujitsu is no exception.

It’s difficult to find the right planner for BJJ as a plethora of notebooks and journals have come to market in the last few years. Based on our review, one stands out far above the rest: the Jiu-Jitsu Planner.

This BJJ planner offers the best value for your money compared to any other journal we have seen. The team behind it really knew what they were doing when they designed it.

Some journals seem to just slap the word “Jiutjitsu” on the binding and call it a day. That is not the case here. You can tell that the creator is a jiujitsu player because every aspect of the journal is relevant to grappling.

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Overview of the jiujitsu planner

The planner is well organized. It’s broken up into quarterly sections (covering 12 months) and is undated. This way it does not tie you down to following a strict schedule.

These sections cover the following 7 areas.

  1. Define your goals
  2. Plan your month
  3. Plan your meals
  4. Examine your training
  5. Track your competition
  6. Check in with your body
  7. Quarterly goal assessment

The Looks

The physical appearance and packaging of this journal is beautiful. It comes with an understated black box that makes you feel like a secret agent about to get your highly classified BJJ training mission instructions.

Instructions are included!

The front cover takes a minimalist approach, featuring a small “The Jiu-jitsu Planner” text on the front left corner. The notebook features an elastic strap to help keep the pages closed and an expandable folder on the inside portion of the back cover (ala your favorite moleskin). It also has a black and a white ribbon marker so you can bookmark where you left off.

Even Joe Rogan loves the Jiu-Jitsu Planner!

The content

The core of the planner is the “Training Autopsy” which is a breakdown of your practice sessions. There are 30 pages for each quarter (more than enough for anyone). In this section, you get to log practice session notes, drills and rolls performed, strengths and weaknesses, and progress towards your goals.

It is all very logical and self-explanatory. Just looking at it will make you feel better about your training regime! (Or perhaps guilty if you aren’t filling it up!)

I especially like the “competition tracker” section of the planner. This section allows you a chance to log your wins and losses and what you did well and not so well. It all about being honest about where you are at with your game. 

What is cool about this planner is that it is goal orientated on every single page.  Each section reinforces the other to get you to your objectives(s). For instance, the notebook sets up each quarter for you to establish a primary and secondary BJJ goals.

Likewise, there is a “Quarterly Review” section where you get to analyze how far you’ve come. Of course, you must do the hard work, but this journal makes it so much easier to plan things out and track progress. 


Here is what I like most about this bjj planner:

  1. Super high quality
  2. Well-designed flow/structure for jujitsu related learning
  3. Impressive inspirational quotes
  4. Goal oriented

I highly recommend this journal as the quality is top notch. Other than an online BJJ instructional service or BJJ Instructional DVD, I can’t think of a better jiujitsu product to improve your jiujitsu over the course of a single year than this planner.

Who knows…this journal might help you become a better blue belt, get better at rolling, or improve your judo throws.

The Jiujitsu Planner is unmatched in quality and content. Use it regularly and your BJJ is sure to improve.  

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