Reasons You Should Train BJJ

Why should you train Brazilian jiujitsu? For the outside observers, the benefit of training jiujitsu might not seem apparent.

From self-improvement to overall fitness, let’s look at just at the top reasons why you should learn Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ).

Lose weight and improve health

A primary reason to train BJJ is the health benefits. There is evidence that jiu jitsu offers several mental and physical benefits.  Many scientific studies on BJJ confirm these benefits. These include improved cardiovascular health and better mental fitness, to name just a few. 

Self Defense

Learning self defense is perhaps one of the most practical reasons to learn jiujitsu. BJJ is an excellent form of self defense that is both practical and proven. While the sporting/competition form of BJJ is popular in most gyms, even this prepares you to handle most attacks and most situations.

Friendship and Community

A significant reason to train jiujitsu is for the community. While Jiujitsu is not a team sport like baseball or basketball, it is definitely a person-focused activity. The most immediate interaction is your training partner, whom you will roll and drill with regularly. Overtime, your teammates and your coach will become like family members if you stick around long enough. They will be there for you during the trials of life, helping you “work it out” on and off the mat.


Strength training is a great reason to train jiujitsu. This one might be obvious, but training jiujitsu will improve your overall strength and conditioning.

While training jiujitsu will teach how to use leverage instead of wasting strength, the fact of the matter is that sparring against a live opponent requires an incredible amount of muscle. Overtime, the development of these muscle groups, in a dynamic training environment, will only lead to your improved strength and conditioning. 

Gain Self-confidence

Improving one’s self confidence is another common reason people train Jiujitsu. It’s often said that you have to lose your ego to be successful in jiujitsu. This is because the sport is humbling.

However, because earning rank in jiu jitsu is difficult, practitioners learn that each advancement in the art is well deserved. The rough and tumble nature of Brazilian jiujitsu allows them to learn how to keep calm under pressure.


Learning jiujitsu is like going back to school. You can learn something new with each lesson. Likewise yet the foundation and principles of the sport all reinforce each other as you progress in bjj rank.

If you enjoy learning, you will love jiujitsu. At a practical level, the next time you see a fight in MMA or a wrestling match, you will be able to decipher what is exactly going on.

Mental Health

Physical activity is beneficial for mental health, and jiujitsu is no exception. It’s very common to hear practitioners report that they have less stress and worries in their life. Those who suffer from anxiety or depression also commonly report jiujitsu has helped them manage and relieve issues related to their conditions. 


People practice jiu jitsu all over the world. Jiujitsu is the perfect sport for those who love to travel.  Whenever you go out of town, you can make new friends by stopping in the local gym. Even if you are not one to travel, it’s common that foreign visitors may stop by as guests. Or your club may host a seminar featuring an out of state or country coach. From the beaches of Brazil to beautiful Europe, the possibilities of travel destinations are endless in BJJ. 

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