Fuji All Around BJJ Gi

When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck in your search for a BJJ gi, it’s hard to do better than the FUJI All Around. At an affordable price point, this gi a real workhorse (and bargain).

FUJI has long been known for its superior design and quality in the martial arts world and they meet those marks with this kimono. While it may not be the fanciest or even “the best” gi out there, its exceptional value and quality make it perfect for both practice or competition whether you are a rank white belt or seasoned grappler.


  • Great Comfort
  • Strong Durability
  • Good collar and seam stitching


  • Simple Pant Drawstring
  • Only Two Drawstring loops

Key Features of the FUJI All Around

The FUJI All Around is basic and minimal in its approach. Think of it as a cousin to the basic FUJI judo gi, but with the fittings and stylings of a jiu-jitsu kimono. While many gis stand out for their wild design or artistic flair, FUJI keeps its simple with this gi.  FUJI does not usually go crazy in its design and they have a strong base of fans who favor this approach, for good reason.

FUJI did not cut corners in design and production with the All Around.  For starters, the stitching and build are excellent. It features the sharp stitching you would expect from FUJI.

Notably, the armpit and inside seems feature strong reinforcements. We also like that the shrinkage appears to be minimal, so you won’t have to worry about shortened sleeves or pants after washes.  As always, your mileage may vary and it’s important to check the size chart.

The gi will also meet the applicable IBJJF requirements for competition (as of the time of the writing). The gi comes in four colors: white, navy, black, blue and pink.

With an approximate weight of about 3 Lbs (1.4kg), you won’t feel like you a carrying a ton of bricks on the mat or when you take it home when it’s dripping in sweat.


The gi jacket itself has a good medium weight for a single weave. The pants and jacket are standard cotton. A general consensus finds this gi to have a sturdy weight without being heavy. FUJI has a pretty standardize sizing chart that will be familiar with most practitioners. See chart below.


The jacket fits great from the start. Many grapplers prefer the minimal approach in design and in this regard, the FUJI All Around is not unlike a more traditional judogi. However, this gi is not baggy at all.  The lapel has a good medium stiffness. The gi features the FUJI logo on the back as well as the left sleeve. You won’t find any special patches on the outside or inside, nor any crazy quotes on the jacket. Remember, this is a good old fashioned gi. FUJI does include some extra patches if you want to sew those on later.  


While the All Around won’t win any awards in this category, the pants hit all right marks. The pants are made from traditional cotton and feature the tried and true traditional drawstring.  The reinforcements extend below the knee, unlike many other budget gis. This is good because it adds an extra layer of protection.

Pants are often the first thing to get torn when rolling so it’s nice that FUJI built this feature into this base model.  We do wish it had a few more belt loops. They have a tailored and lightweight feel and are not baggy like some other gis.


This gi is soft and ready to go right from the start.  Many gis usually need a break-in period of a few rolls and need a few washes in order to be broken in.

On the mat, the FUJI All-Around performs with a great range of motion and comfort. Not too tight and not too loose, it’s like Goldilocks porridge. Of course, this is not a Rolls Royce, so don’t expect to be snuggling in a blanket while your partner tries to pass your guard.

Overall Assessment

The price to value ratio on this kimono makes it a great buy for the seasoned pro looking to add a regular gi to their rotation or someone starting out who is looking to spend just a little bit more. Our final analysis is that the FUJI All Around is built great and has the durability to last as you progress from white to black belt.