BJJ and Wrestling: Their History, Similarities, and Differences

If you’re not a major grappling arts fan, you’re forgiven for not knowing that there’s a difference between wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). On the surface, these two combat-style sports can look very similar. However, they’re actually quite different. Wrestling and BJJ are both based on a grappling style of fighting. However, BJJ is … Read more

Best Judo Instructional DVDs

Learning Judo is difficult. With the proper Judo DVD, you can make studying the “gentle way” a lot easier. The throws and concepts of Judo can be very technical to learn as a beginner, let alone master. With the correct teacher, however, you can become a judo pro. Judo DVDs used to be difficult to … Read more

BJJ Fanatics Coupon Codes and Discounts

When you are looking for a BJJ instructional, the first place you might look is And with a BJJ Fanatics promo code you will save a lot of money on their great products. BJJ Fanatics has become the #1 source for BJJ instructional DVDs over the past several years. Their content library grows each … Read more

Reasons You Should Train BJJ

Why should you train Brazilian jiujitsu? For the outside observers, the benefit of training jiujitsu might not seem apparent. From self-improvement to overall fitness, let’s look at just at the top reasons why you should learn Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ). Lose weight and improve health A primary reason to train BJJ is the health benefits. … Read more