Review of Blue Belt Requirements 2.0 Instructional DVD

In the Blue Belt Requirements DVD, third degree black belt Roy Dean is your guide to advancing in the world of Brazilian jiu jitsu. The blue belt is the rank that follows a white belt. To attain the blue belt level, you will widen your technical knowledge of the sport and spend hundreds of hours … Read more

Best Martial Arts DVD Instructionals

There are many reasons to learn Martial arts. Some people want to learn self-defense, while others want to join the armed forces. Some people want to enhance their fighting ability to give them an edge when competing. Besides the physical fitness and technique you gain from martial arts; it also improves your discipline, reaction time, … Read more

Best Self Defense DVD Instructionals

Real-world street fighting can be unpredictable. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to control the situation you’re put into. Someone may get physical with you for many reasons. Whether it’s a drunken tough guy arguing with you or a mugger looking to steal your wallet, it’s best to train your mind and body to deal with … Read more

Best MMA Instructional DVDs

What are the best DVDs to learn MMA? Mixed Martial Arts is technically a combination of many martial arts into one. Over the years, it has developed its own identity to stand as an art on its own. Yet, there have been very few ways to learn the sport, until now. In the past, MMA … Read more

BJJ Books: A guide for white belts

A book is an excellent way to strength your jiujitsu game. Here our list of favorite jiujitsu books for technique and/or mindset. Types of Jiujitsu Books There are two genres of jiu jitsu books available. The first group covers jiu jitsu techniques. These are pure instruction on how-to learn a particular move or principles. The … Read more

Best BJJ Instructional DVDs

Looking for reviews of the Best BJJ DVD? You’ve come to the right place.  It is hard to find the right BJJ DVDs instructional set to learn from these days. The market is flooded with courses covering every concept and position. Long gone are the days of just one or two brazilian jiu jitsu dvds … Read more

Review of the Jiu-jitsu Planner

Planners are an excellent way to track your progress towards goals for any number of endeavors, and jiujitsu is no exception. It’s difficult to find the right planner for BJJ as a plethora of notebooks and journals have come to market in the last few years. Based on our review, one stands out far above … Read more

Best Online BJJ Subscriptions

There are so many online BJJ subscription services these days, a BJJ student can easily be overwhelmed with choices.  Many top instructors have jumped into the online jiu jitsu training space, and it can be difficult to discern the differences between sites. This guide is meant to help those grapplers struggling to make sense of the … Read more

Best No-gi BJJ Spats

We determined what the best BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu spats on the market are. In our reviews, we consider the performance and safety qualities for no-gi jiujitsu. We also evaluate them based on price, comfort and durability, to find the greatest bjj compression tights for the value. Safety, Hygiene and Performance The health benefits of … Read more

Best BJJ Shorts

We sought out to review and rank the best BJJ shorts. Since there are so many options out there, we had to narrow it down to only five that are ideal for aggressive and demanding no-gi jiu-jitsu. Our grappling shorts recommendations are based on real performance on the mat, durability, comfort and price ranges. Top … Read more