Best No-gi BJJ Spats

We determined what the best BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu spats on the market are. In our reviews, we consider the performance and safety qualities for no-gi jiujitsu. We also evaluate them based on price, comfort and durability, to find the greatest bjj compression tights for the value.

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Safety, Hygiene and Performance

The health benefits of an effective set of spats comes in two critical forms. First, they’re designed to protect you hygienically. You don’t know what is living on a used grappling mat, and it can cause real heal hazards through your skin.

In short, they’ll protect your skin from scrapes and cuts when rubbing against the mat. That’s your best defense against infections. Additionally, by resisting moisture, you have an added level of hygiene and performance capability.

In comparison to no-gi BJJ shorts, this benefit is extended to your whole leg. Even if you prefer to wear shorts, your BJJ spats should conform and fit properly with shorts on top.

The second health interest in using spats relates directly to performance. They’re designed to prevent muscle injuries and strains. This is due partly to the fact that they fit snug onto each area of your legs, while also keeping you flexible and loose.

For one, this improves the blood flow in your legs and helps keep you oxygenated. It also provides some structure and balance, so that you’re not overextending or exerting more effort than necessary. In effect, you’ll experience less physical wear and tear. You can even wear them when you have sore muscles to allow faster healing.

The question that comes to mind is why not just use compression pants? They’re likely just as flexible and comfortable, while also covering your entire leg. The major difference with BJJ spats is that they’re designed to protect your skin while grappling. They combine the compression benefits with added durability.

Durability and Overall Value

There are core durability features that we’re looking for in quality BJJ pants. For one, the material should be able to put up with a lot of rubbing and stretching. After all, this is a world renowned and aggressive form of grappling martial arts.

We’re also taking into consideration the long-term value of your spats. If they’re susceptible to tears either on the mat or in the wash, then it doesn’t matter how good they are for performance.

Generally, durability features include the quality of material and the stitching. Little things like loose threads or material that’s too thin and weak can be a major problem. Imagine being in the middle of a match when a seam bursts, or a significant tear opens. There’s a level of reliability required to be the best in this area.

You don’t want to have to replace them every few months. In fact, it’s recommended to find a set that will last you for several years. However, we are going to be evaluating them based on price as well, because you might want several sets to fit the occasion.

Comfort and Flexibility

The ultimate set of spats will provide a full range of movement without any limitations. This will come down to the materials used, the design and the waistband, primarily.

Your body heat is a dissipation of energy, as well. Keeping your muscles warm is a natural method of preventing damage. A great set of BJJ spats are built to keep your muscles warm, while also keeping your skin dry and comfortable.

In this sense, they must be flexible, breathable and moisture wicking. These are the basic requirements, and as you’ll see some BJJ spats go above and beyond in this category.

Another important feature is the waistband. The idea is to prevent your spats from riding up your waist or dislodging, without causing undue discomfort when you are rolling on the mat. An elastic waistband will accomplish this to varying degrees. It’s also essential in finding the ideal fit for your body. Some pants feature a drawstring which is also a good way for keep them from coming off.

Sanabul Mens Compression Based Layer Workout Jiu Jitsu Spats

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These are a low-priced option, designed to get as much as possible for the lowest price. When you consider the basic features, it covers all of the basic qualities. However, there is a tradeoff between the price and the quality.

It uses a singular material, composed of an authentic blend of polyester, nylon and spandex. It features a four-way stretching capability without any additional panels. In terms of durability in stitching, it has reinforced seams to protect what’s there.

As you’d expect, the material is moisture wicking. It’s also breathable, intended to keep your muscles warm without causing extra sweat.

Its size options are excellent. You’re almost guaranteed to find the right fit, although this doesn’t mean that they’ll work for your choice of shorts. Depending on the size you choose, a navy blue color option is available, in addition to black and gray.

One downside is that they’re not specifically meant for grappling. They’re more full-scope MMA oriented, and BJJ requires a lot more friction and contact. However, they’re great for multi-purpose use, including indoors and outdoors.


  • Super low priced.
  • Six size options.
  • Three color options
  • Warm and breathable.
  • Four-way stretch material.
  • Quality stitching.


  • Less protective and durable.
  • Not designed for BJJ.

Fuji Baseline V2 Jiu Jitsu Spats

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Fuji is specialized in MMA and BJJ-specific product lines. They produce high-quality shorts of each size for a perfect fit while wearing spats. It offers seven size options, ranging from extra small to XXX-large. You’re not going to have any issue finding an exact match to your body.

In terms of appearance, it’s very minimalist. There’s only one black color option, however this isn’t much of an issue because they’re generally worn underneath your shorts. This also means you don’t have to worry about fancy graphics wearing away in the wash or while you fight.

In addition to the base material, it has panels worked into the design. This means that you get the basic benefit of four-way stretching, as well as 360-degree stretching in critical areas. Having ultimate flexibility translates to performance, in addition to muscle warming and compression. It also features a saddle gusset in the crotch area.

One downside is the fact that it’s priced higher than other options. It does provide a lot of value at about twice the amount of cheap BJJ spats. We consider this a benefit, because they’re likely to last longer.


  • Seven size options.
  • Made for BJJ and grappling.
  • 360-degree stretch panels.
  • Saddle gusset.
  • Mid priced.


  • Only one color, black.

Hayabusa Geo Jiu Jitsu Compression Spats

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Addressing the size options first, there’s five instead of seven. Keep in mind however that these range from small to XX-large, so you’re still pretty much guaranteed to get the perfect fit for an adult.

Moreover, these BJJ pants are unique in their design. They have a geometrically measured and optimized design, rather than using additional panels or a straight basic material. In terms of range of mobility and flexibility, these are the ultimate for grappling.

Instead of a regular elastic waistband, these feature a silicone waistband. Like many BJJ rash guards, this is superior in keeping your spats perfectly positioned above your waist. When worn with shorts, you’re virtually guaranteed to prevent sliding up or off.

As you’d expect, the stitching is strong and the material is comfortable. It’s actually meant to be snug to your body with exacting detail. Their moisture wicking and muscle warming capabilities are world class.

On a negative note, they are significantly more expensive than other options. You should really only consider these if you’re serious about grappling and want a set of amazing BJJ tights that will last a long time.

They also come in three different color styles, including blue, gray and red. Appearance isn’t nearly as important as other qualities, but it’s worth mentioning that they ace this category as well.


  • Five size options.
  • Three color choices.
  • Unique geometric design.
  • Snug and flexible.
  • Silicone waistband.
  • Strong and durable.


  • High priced.

DRSKIN Men’s Compression Pants

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Like the Sanabul spats, these are a low-cost option. In fact, three sets of these compression pants will cost less than our mid-priced selections. With six different size options for adults, ranging from small to XX-large, you’ll find an exact fit with ease.

The major downside is that they’re not meant for BJJ. While they provide the muscle-warming and compression benefits, they aren’t designed to protect your skin while grappling. They’re just not meant to take the pressure and wear against either your opponent or the mat. This puts them at serious risk of being destroyed when used for real grappling.

With that being said, they’re extremely comfortable and soft. Their insulation is effective in keeping your skin cool and dry, while keeping your muscles warm. They’re rated for indoor and outdoor activities as well, and they provide bidirectional ventilation.

As you know, we don’t value appearance nearly as much as performance, safety and durability. However, their 38 different style combinations are a nice value.


  • Six size options.
  • 38 style choices
  • Quantity options for economic savings.
  • Soft, breathable material.
  • Moisture wicking.


  • Not meant for BJJ.

Anthem Athletics – HELO-X Grappling Spats

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These BJJ spats have a valuable set of unique and basic features. To begin with, it has a dual-lock waistband to keep them firmly in place above the hip.

They also use multiple panels with high-quality fabric. It’s moisture wicking, breathable and strong, giving them full points in the area of safety and durability. This is especially true when you consider the reinforced flatlock stitching.

While these panels don’t provide additional 360-degree flexibility, it makes for a snug fit. To add to that, there are only three size options, so these BJJ spats might be eliminated as a choice for you.

They provide all of the basic features we’d require for a quality set of BJJ spats. They’re moisture wicking, breathable, comfortable and durable. They also provide all of the muscle compression and warming benefits.

On the appearance side of things, there are eight killer graphic and style options. They’re each unique versions of the Anthem Athletics logo which are sublimated into the material. While it’s not as important as other qualities, they’re the most visually impressive in this list.

We couldn’t get away without mentioning the cost. They’re medium priced, but as you can see you get a lot more than medium quality. In terms of value, they score as high as possible for a quality set of BJJ spats.


  • Mid priced.
  • Eight sublimated graphics choices.
  • Multiple material panels.
  • Dual-lock waistband.
  • Flexible and durable material.
  • Made for BJJ.


  • Only three size options.
  • No 360-degree material.


After reviewing some really great options, we conclude that the best BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jistu spats are the Hayabusa Geo Jiu Jitsu compression spats. It’s a tough call, especially considering that the Anthem Athletics HE:O-X and the Fuji Baseline V2 offer multiple panels. However, the geometric design of our winner goes above and beyond the call of duty.

They’re also a cut above the rest in terms of their fit and BJJ specialization. They’re the most conforming and yet the most elastic and durable on this list. The addition of a silicone waistband makes them unique as well.

They are a little more expensive than the other options on this list. But consider that you’re replacing the spats that are meant for aggressive grappling, much less frequently. This provides an economic value of its own. Options like the DRSKIN and Sanabul cost significantly less money. However, we include them to point out the difference in value between compression pants and authentic BJJ spats.

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