Review of Blue Belt Requirements 2.0 Instructional DVD

In the Blue Belt Requirements DVD, third degree black belt Roy Dean is your guide to advancing in the world of Brazilian jiu jitsu. The blue belt is the rank that follows a white belt. To attain the blue belt level, you will widen your technical knowledge of the sport and spend hundreds of hours … Read more

Best Martial Arts DVD Instructionals

There are many reasons to learn Martial arts. Some people want to learn self-defense, while others want to join the armed forces. Some people want to enhance their fighting ability to give them an edge when competing. Besides the physical fitness and technique you gain from martial arts; it also improves your discipline, reaction time, … Read more

Should You Take a Pre-Workout for Jiu-Jitsu?

In my years of training jiu-jitsu, I have found it to bring many benefits to my life. Unsurprisingly, jiu-jitsu practitioners gain skills in self-defense while engaging in a unique sport. But jiu-jitsu offers other advantageous outcomes as well. Among these, is the fact that a single training session can offer an intense workout. You may … Read more

Best Self Defense DVD Instructionals

Real-world street fighting can be unpredictable. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to control the situation you’re put into. Someone may get physical with you for many reasons. Whether it’s a drunken tough guy arguing with you or a mugger looking to steal your wallet, it’s best to train your mind and body to deal with … Read more