Review of Blue Belt Requirements 2.0 Instructional DVD

In the Blue Belt Requirements DVD, third degree black belt Roy Dean is your guide to advancing in the world of Brazilian jiu jitsu. The blue belt is the rank that follows a white belt. To attain the blue belt level, you will widen your technical knowledge of the sport and spend hundreds of hours on the mat learning the efficient execution of many new techniques. In the instructional set, Roy takes you through 17 chapters in which you will learn 77 individual techniques necessary for advancing to blue belt status. In order to gain blue belt status you will have to demonstrate mastery of these techniques.

There is no better way to learn than from a master of the art. Not only is Roy Dean a black belt expert in Brazilian jiu jitsu but he is an excellent and inspirational instructor who will take you through specific examples of the techniques that you will need. Each inspiring technique presentation in the two hour video comes with a clear explanation so that you can master each one and move towards your blue belt. You won’t find a better guide than Roy Dean who has advanced black belts in Kodokan Judo, Aikikai Aikido and Japanese as well as jiu jitsu.

Let’s take an in depth review to explore why this DVD has been so highly recommended for so many years.

What to Consider before Purchasing This DVD

The Blue Belt Requirements DVD is exactly what you need if you are a beginner, white belt in jiu jitsu who wants to progress to a blue belt. The way to a blue belt is by learning multiple techniques and doing them correctly. You will need to be able to use these techniques against a resisting opponent in your academy and in competition.

The excellent examples of techniques and clear explanation by Third Degree Brazilian jiu jitsu master Roy Dean provide the exact information that you will need. If you are not at this category (white belt aspiring to reach blue belt status) this instructional set will be informative and interesting but perhaps not what you need at your level. If that is the case, browse our list of DVDs for the exact one that fits your training requirements.

DVD Features

There are 77 specific techniques covered in the Blue Belt Requirements instructional DVD. We include a sample here, each with a brief description of the techniques and concepts covered. Obviously, the breath and depth of this DVD is impressive. If you are looking to learn a little bit of everything in jiujitsu, this is your DVD.

The Great Physical Debate

In this introductory section, Roy Dean discusses the use of angles, timing, and leverage to win in jiu jitsu contests or at least survive in times of peril. He notes how learning the skills contained in the art of jiu jitsu can change your life for the better.


This is a way to fall, trip, roll, or to be thrown to the ground without sustaining an injury. With Roy Dean’s instruction you will learn to think ahead, remain in control, be relaxed, and maintain control. With practice you will gain muscle memory that results in safe falls without injury.


Effective movement is essential to success in jiu jitsu. Roy teaches movements like shrimping and crawling through the guard clearly and with excellent examples so that you can learn jiu jitsu movements to perfection.

Take Downs

As you advance in your blue belt training, you will be moving on from effective falls and escapes and adding takedowns. Roy Dean shows the takedown techniques that result in turning defeat into success.

Mount Escapes

You are down and your opponent is on top of you. How do you escape this mount? In the DVD Roy Dean provides clear examples of effective escapes from this situation.

Headlock Escapes

Like with mount escapes, you need a clear strategy and effective techniques to escape from a headlock by a larger opponent. The instructions will provide you with clear examples which, with practice, will give you the skills that work.

Side Escapes

There are several ways to accomplish a Brazilian jiu jitsu side escape. The DVD shows you clear examples and gives excellent explanations of ones that will work for you.

Arm Locks from Guard

Position and technique are important when creating an arm lock from a guarded. Roy Dean walks you through the mechanics of doing this and explains how to extend your advantage. The examples provide students with a clear path to success in accomplishing arm locks from guard.

Chokes from Guard

Chokes are attacks from guard that are too often overlooked by novices in jiu jitsu. Roy takes you through effective ways to move from a submissive position to chokes from guard that will turn the tables on your opponent. Technique is vital in these cases and Roy’s excellent examples are clear.

Armlocks from Mount

When you are in a mount position, your opponents will try to defend themselves and reverse the situation. Learning Armlocks from mount will help you maintain your advantage. The specific techniques to use are important and Roy Dean teaches you with active examples and explanations.

Chokes from Mount

Knowing how to apply effective chokes from mount will turn advantage into victory in Brazilian jiu jitsu competition. As will all techniques, you need to understand the basics and learn from clear and explicit examples. This is what you get in the Blue Belt Requirements instructional set by Roy Dean.

Knee on Belly

Accomplishing a knee on belly position in jiu jitsu competition gains you points and can lead to victory if you can maintain that dominant position or exploit it further. Roy Dean shows the techniques needed to accomplish the knee on belly with an exact explanation of the necessary details.

Back Attacks

A successful back attack puts you in the most dominating position. But, how do you get there? Follow the exciting examples and precise explanation given by Roy Dean in the Blue Belt Requirements DVD to gain success in back attacks.

Back Escapes

When your opponent has mounted a winning back attack, how do you escape? Following the steps outlined in Roy Dean’s Blue Belt Requirement instructional set you will learn basic techniques that will let you gain advantage over your opponent.

Guard Passes

There are several techniques for Brazilian jiu jitsu guard passes and several common mistakes. Watch Roy Dean’s DVD for clear instruction with action examples and explanations to make your guard passes successful every time.

Leg Locks

In Brazilian jiu jitsu, leg locks can be applied to the hip, knee, or ankle. Learn the most effective techniques to accomplish leg locks and which ones will work the best in which positions. Learning from a master, Roy Dean, will provide you with the ability to routinely accomplish leg locks against your opponents.

White to Black: The Triangle

The Triangle Choke Hold commonly ends with your winning a match. However, the steps to setting up this choke hold can be simple enough that a white belt can do them. The necessary steps progress in difficulty to the point where a black belt level of skill is needed. Roy Dean takes you through the necessary techniques by level of complexity to help you gain mastery of how to set up the Triangle Choke Hold.

What Users Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for how great the Blue Belt Requirement instructional set is. This DVD has been used by many who aspired to gain blue belt status. To say the least, it is a great learning tool. Here is an example from one satisfied customer.

Alternatives to Blue Belt Requirements

If you have already seen and learned from the Blue Belt Requirements DVD or if you would like to try something else, we suggest two alternatives. The first is Passing the Guard: BJJ Fundamentals – Go Further Faster by John Danaher. The second is The Roger Gracie Side Control System by Roger Gracie.

Passing the Guard focuses on one important task that faces any fighter in a match. John Danaher’s five step system is expertly explained and demonstrated in his DVD. Reduce the time you need to learn these valuable techniques by following one of the finest minds in Brazilian jiu jitsu. This DVD is more expensive than Blue Belt Requirements but gives you the benefit of strict focus on one essential feature of Brazilian jiu jitsu.

The Side Control System, like Passing the Guard, has a specific focus unlike Blue Belt Requirements which covers a lot of territory. It sells for $147, which is cheaper than Passing the Guard and pricier than Blue Belt Requirements. An excellent way to use this DVD is to use it as a companion to Blue Belt Requirements to broaden your understanding and range of skills for competition.

Blue Belt Requirements

  • Teaches the wide range of skills necessary to achieve a blue belt rank
  • Attractive price at $99
  • Excellent teacher with clear explanations and examples

Passing the Guard

  • Teaches a necessary skill for Brazilian jiu jitsu matches
  • Taught by one of the great Brazilian jiu jitsu experts, John Danaher
  • Reasonable price at $197 for world class teaching

Side Control System

  • Excellent approach to winning in in competition
  • Taught with the help of an 8th degree black belt, Roger Gracie’s father
  • Fair price for excellent instruction at $147

Our Conclusion

When a white belt beginner in Brazilian jiu jitsu wishes to progress to the blue belt level and beyond, it is necessary to master many techniques. This is best done by following the example of a master. Roy Dean is a third degree black belt who has exceptional teaching skills. Click here to check out the Blue Belt Requirements instructional set.

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