Best BJJ App: A review of Stephan Kestings BJJ Master App

What is the best BJJ app? Hands down, its got to be Stephan Kesting’s BJJ Master App. There are a lot of BJJ apps out there. Some are good and some not so good.  Here is my honest review of why I think it is the best app for Brazilian jiu jitsu available right now. … Read more

Judo Black Belt vs BJJ Black Belt: Differences and Similarities

What’s the difference between a BJJ black belt and a judo black belt?  Everything and nothing. How do these two black belts compare? Who would win in a match?  The answers may surprise you.  BJJ vs Judo Black Belts in Competition Let’s first take a look at how BJJ and Judo match up in the … Read more

Review: Elite Sports Ultra Light BJJ Gi

Finding an awesome gi at a great price can be a challenge. Does the Elite Sports Ultra Light BJJ Gi make the cut? I’ve been testing out this gi for a little bit to see how it stands up. Let’s find out… The Elite Sports BJJ Gi is hands down one of the highest quality, … Read more